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History of Hunger Hydraulics Group

After returning from the war in 1945 Walter Hunger takes over an old forge and three years later he designs his first hydraulic truck tipping plant. In the Saxon town of Frankenberg the first employees produce hydraulic pump, valves and telescopic cylinders, which are then built into trucks and trailers and marketed.
In the course of the company’s turbulent rise the main factory in Frankenberg is enlarged and new production facilities in Leipzig and Karl-Marx-Stadt are set up. Hunger employs approximately 1,000 personnel in those three hydraulic and automotive plants and thus becomes the biggest private entrepreneur of the GDR.
Due to the threatening socialization, Walter Hunger and some of his employees flee to the West in 1958. The same year the build-up of the Hunger Hydraulics Group started anew in Lohr am Main.
The renowned manufacturer is nowadays present in the hydraulics sector with worldwide 14 companies and around 400 employees.